This tutorial will show you how to export any Quizizz quiz to platforms like Kahoot, Blooket, Gimkit, Canvas, Blackboard, Moodle, Brightspace, Quizalize, Schoology, Google Classroom, Google Form, NEO LMS, itslearning or Sakai. This method will correctly export even if your Quizizz quiz contains images. Let's get started with the tutorial!

NOTE: We strongly recommend you use either Chrome, Edge or Firefox web browser in this series of steps

Step 1: Go to your Quizizz quiz

Quizizz Oylmpics Quiz

Go to your Quizizz quiz page. In this example, we are using the publicly available Quizizz quiz -- Ice Breaker Trivia: Olympics.

Step 2: Click on the print icon

print quizizz quiz ice breaker trivial olympics

Click on the print icon on the top right corner of the Ice Breaker Trivia: Olympics Quizizz quiz. This will open up a new tab like what you see in the image above.

As Quizizz change their print preview interface from time to time, please visually inspect and ensure that the option labels (i.e., the grey "ABCDE" labels) are present in the print preview. Checkboxes and Show answer options should be toggled ON for option labels and options text to be available.
NOTE: As at May 3rd, 2022, Answer Key is toggled OFF by default. You will need to click on it once to append the answer key on the bottom of the print preview. This will save you a lot of time since we will import the answers in addition to the question content.

If what you see differs from the image above, please email and we will update the instructions.

Step 3: Select all the content inside the print preview

select content inside quizizz quiz print preview

Use your mouse cursor to select all the content inside the Quizizz quiz print preview, including the answer key. There are two ways to do this.

One, press and hold your left mouse button and drag it down to the end of the quiz.

Two, click once on the left of the first question number (left of "1." in our case), then press and hold the shift key on your keyboard and click once again at the end of the quiz.

When you successfully selected the entire quiz questions, it will look like the image above. Please ensure that all the question numbers, including the first question number, are selected.

Step 4: Copy and paste into GETMARKED Editor below

With all the Quizizz quiz content selected, copy and paste it into the GETMARKED editor above. You can copy the quiz questions by pressing ctrl + c on your keyboard and then ctrl + v to paste.

This step cleans up some of formatting issues inside the quizizz questions print preview.

Now, select all the questions inside the GETMARKED Editor above using ctrl + a, then copy and paste it into Microsoft Word. You can copy the content from the editor by pressing ctrl + c on your keyboard. Open Microsoft Word, and press ctrl + v on your keyboard. You should get the same result as the screenshot below.
quizizz quiz content copied and pasted into MS word

IMPORTANT: All question numbers and option labels must be copied into the word document! If you have question numbers or option labels missing, please revisit step 2 and step 3 ensure that they are copied over correctly. The option text (ABCDE) should also not be merged together with the rest of the text.

If you had copied your quizizz questions from the print preview directly into Word, it would look like the screenshot below. This is wrong. Please start again from Step 2 and follow the instructions closely. You should not see any black boxes after pasting into your Word document.
quizizz quiz content copied and pasted into MS word using chrome browser

Step 5: Upload the Word file to GETMARKED Digitaliser

quizizz quiz imported into getmarked digitaliser

Save the Word file on to your desktop. Register for a GETMARKED Digitaliser account and upload the saved Quizizz Word file for import.

GETMARKED Digitaliser is a browser based software that allows you to import any Word document quiz file and export it to any LMS of your choice. As long as your word document quiz file was prepared for classroom use in mind (as is the case of copy-and-pasting the quizizz quiz), we will be able to import it correctly.

Below is a screenshot of all the Quizizz quiz questions from Ice Breaker Trivia: Olympics successfully imported into GETMARKED Digitaliser. Even the correct answers are captured!
olympics quizizz quiz rendered in getmarked digitaliser

Step 6: Export to the LMS of your choice

quizizz quiz export from getmarked digitaliser

Hover your mouse over the imported job and the Export button will show itself. Click on it to export.
getmarked digitaliser export options

Currently, we support export to Canvas, Blackboard, Moodle, Brightspace by D2L, Schoology, Google Classroom, NEO LMS, itslearning, LumiNUS and QTI, covering almost 99% of all LMS in the market.

Congratulations, you have successfully exported your Quizizz quiz into your LMS!


Final Words

Learning platforms make it difficult for teachers to export content out of their walled garden to the detriment of teachers and students alike. At GETMARKED, we to make your quiz content accessible everywhere in one click. If you think this is an endeavour worth supporting, getting your school leaders and administrators to purchase an institutional plan would be the best way to support us.