Text to quiz converter

Export a quiz to Google Forms, Kahoot, Quizizz or Gimkit directly from plain text.

Copy paste the quiz text from your Google/Word doc to the editor below and format it according to the instructions. Then click convert to get your question bank file. Exports to Kahoot, Quizizz and Gimkit is done through a spreadsheet file, which is easily importable into the target platforms.

If you are looking to for a one-click import solution that doesn't require you to make any changes to your quiz document, or if your questions contains images or math formulas, we have a more advance paid import tool. Register for a free trial and try us out! We export to Canvas, Brightspace. Schoology, Blooket, Edulastic and more.

Please format your text strictly to this specification:

  • Question must start with a question number follow by a period or parenthesis (e.g. 1) 2)).
  • Leave at least one blank line between questions.
  • No blank lines allowed within a question.
  • Blank lines demarcate the start and the end of a question.
  • Question text can only take up a single line.
  • MCQ option text can only take up a single line.
  • MCQ options must start with an alphabet followed by a period or parenthesis (e.g. a) b)).
  • Currently, only Mutiple Choice Question, Multiple Response Question and Open Ended Question supported.
  • Click on Paste sample quiz on the top right of editor to see examples.

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GETMARKED Digitaliser works on ANY quiz layout and format.