This article will show you how to import your QTI zip file into Brightspace LMS. It will not, however, show you how to create a QTI file in the first place. For that, we suggest you use GETMARKED Digitaliser. Let's start!

Step 1: Go to your Brightspace course page

brightspace lms course page

In Brightspace, question banks are tagged to their respective courses, so you cannot import into a 'universal' or 'personal' question bank. Importing of the QTI file has to happen at the course level.

Step 2: Click on top right gear icon

brightspace gear icon in course page

From the course page, click on the top right gear icon and click on "Import/Export/Copy Components"

Step 3: Select import Components

brightspace import components into course page

Then select the last option "Import Components" and "from a file", then click the blue start button.

Step 4: Select file to import

brightspace select file to import

Then drag and drop your QTI file into the popup box and click the blue "Import All Components" button.

Step 5: Wait for import to complete

brightspace wait for import to complete

This wait can take awhile, please be patient. Once successful, you will see the following.
brightspace successful import of qti file

Then click on the blue "View Content" button where you will be brought back to the course content page.

Step 6: Click to Quizzes

brightspace question library

Click on Quizzes in the top grey bar and then click on "Question Library". Confirm that everything has been imported properly.

Congratulations, you have successfully import your QTI file into Brightspace Question Library!

Final Note

You will notice that there is a light blue "Import" button in the Question library page. If you try to import using that button it wouldn't work. It's for other kinds of file.