This article will show you how to fix Error 400: admin_policy_enforced whenever you try to give third party apps access to your Google Forms or account data. This will commonly occur for managed Google Education account. All steps listed below can only be completed by your Google Admin in Google Admin console.

About us
GETMARKED helps teachers reuse their quiz questions across a constellation of learning platforms. Teachers can import and export between Kahoot, Quizizz, Blooket, Gimkit, Google Forms, Microsoft Forms, Canvas, Blackboard, Word doc, Moodle, Brightspace and more.

Step 1: Add third-party app as trusted

Add whichever third-party app you are trying to give access to your data as a trusted app.

  • Login to Google Admin console
  • Go to SecurityAccess and data controlAPI Controls
  • Click on Manage third-party app access.
    google admin console - managed third party app access in API controls
  • Click on Add appOAuth App Name or Client ID
    google admin console - add third party app access via client id
  • Search for the name of the third-party app you want to grant access to (e.g. GETMARKED, Kahoot, etc.) and select it.
    google admin console - search third party app access using app name
  • Select the client id associated with the third-party app. To ensure you are adding the right client id, the third-party app should be able to give you their client id from their website or support team. Nevertheless, it should be generally benign to just add everything.

    If you are adding GETMARKED as a trusted app, we have two client ids.
    google admin console - add app client id
  • Select which user group should be able to use the third-party app. For convenience, we recommend to give all users.
    google admin console - choose which group to give access to third-party app to
  • Configure the amount of access to provide (For GETMARKED, we require Trusted access).
    google admin console - set third-party app as trusted
  • Review the details and click Finish
  • You should be able to see the third-party app you gave access to in your Configured apps list.
    google admin console - added third-party app

Test and see it you are still receiving Error 400: admin_policy_enforced. If so, please proceed to next step.

Step 2: Enable Classroom API

Enabling Classroom API will solve issues related to more general access of data for your Google Education Account. Skip this if you do not work in a school or in education.

  • Login to Google Admin console
  • For Google Workspace for Education or Workspace for Nonprofits, click AppsGoogle WorkspaceClassroom.
  • For Workspace Basic, Business, or Google Workspace for Education Plus, click AppsAdditional Google servicesClassroom.
  • Click on Data Access to expand it.
  • Check Users can authorize apps to access their Google Classroom data
  • Click Save

Test and see it you are still receiving Error 400: admin_policy_enforced. If so, please proceed to next step.

Step 3: Turn on Additional Google Service

Turn on and verify that all the scopes below are enabled.

  • Access the admin console and go to AppsAdditional Google Services
  • If this line is present: Access to additional services without individual control for all organizational units is turned Off, Click CHANGE, Select ON for everyone and Save.
    google admin console - additional services enabled for all users
  • Next, go to SecurityAccess and data controlAPI Controls
  • Allow users to access any third-party apps under Unconfigured third-party apps
    google admin console - api console, allow third part apps

With the 3 steps above, you should be able to grant access to the third-party app you want to use without receiving any more Error 400: admin_policy_enforced.


Final Words

Learning platforms make it difficult for teachers to export content out of their walled garden to the detriment of teachers and students alike. At GETMARKED, we to make your quiz content accessible everywhere in one click. If you think this is an endeavour worth supporting, getting your school leaders and administrators to purchase an institutional plan would be the best way to support us.