Common Gotchas
Digitaliser LTI integration may occasionally throw up some surprises, even if you had followed the instructions to the letter. This might have been due to some unforeseen issues behind the scenes. In this section, we provide some common gotchas and some common ways of solving them.
Iframe refused to connect error
If your Digitaliser LTI iframe app shows a refused to connect error, like the picture:
it might have caused by one of the following:
  1. X-Frame-Options HTTP header
  2. As Digitaliser LTI works as an iframe app, you will have to remove the "X-Frame-Options" HTTP Response header before the iframe can be displayed.
  3. Running browser in incognito mode.
  4. We have found that LTI applications in some LMSes do not connect when your browser is running in incognito mode. Please change to default viewing mode.
Unresponsive iframe app
GETMARKED Digitaliser uses some scripts that may be incompatible with Internet Explorer. For the best experience, please use either Chrome or Firefox to visit our web application.