There's so many game-based learning platforms to choose from it can be very daunting for time starved teachers like yourself to figure out which one is most suitable for you and your student's needs. In this guide, we will go through the main features and differences between game-based learning platforms like Kahoot!, Quizizz, Blooket and Gimkit.


If you do not have time to read through everything, here's a quick summary.

Game-based learning platforms can be split into two camps, they are either quiz centric or game centric. In quiz centric platforms, like Kahoot! and Quizizz, they deliver a quiz with game-like elements to make it more engaging. In game centric platforms, like Blooket and Gimkit, they deliver a game that incorporates quiz answering into its gameplay.

Both kinds of platforms have their own use case. While game centric apps are more fun and are suitable for learners that lack intrinsic motivation, the trade off is that less time is spent working on the assessment compared to quiz centric apps, which mostly deliver the questions as a straight quiz.

If you thinking of doing a live quiz game in class

Use either Kahoot or Quizizz.

If you thinking of doing a live quiz game in class and your questions are long

Use Quizizz. Kahoot restricts question text to be within 120 characters (roughly 20 word sentence).

If your students lack intrinsic motivation

Use Blooket or Gimkit, they have lots of fun games. The choice between Blooket and Gimkit boils down to preference. Both of them offer vastly different kind of games with little overlap. More in the guide below on the kind of games they have.

Here's a table of the important differences and features of all these platforms.
Kahoot! Quizizz Blooket Gimkit
Up to 50 students
Student paced mode
Instructor led mode
Live mode
Homework mode
Extensive and high quality public question bank X X
Import questions via flashcard X X
Import questions via spreadsheet
Import questions via word document X X X X
Exporting of questions X X* X X
Print quiz for in-person classroom use X X X
Continuity between games X X
Question length restrictions < 120 characters Unlimited Unlimited < 220 characters
Support for Math Equation X X
* Exporting from Quizizz can be done using a workaround developed by GETMARKED.


Kahoot is the granddaddy of game base learning and one that needs no introduction. The bread and butter of the Kahoot! experience is in hosting a live game that pits individual students against each other. The speed at which the question is answered correctly increases the score obtained by the participant.
kahoot creator interface

Best Known for:
  • Live quiz game
  • Competition between individual participants
  • Scored based on speed at which questions are answered correctly
Important limitations:
  • Question text and choice text must be within 120 and 75 characters respectively


Quizizz is Kahoot's most significant and, perhaps only, credible competitor. It's major innovation was in creating a Kahoot-like live quiz experience but have it student paced instead of instructor led. A student paced quiz allows all students to answer each question at their own pace without waiting for one another, like the default Kahoot experience. This differentiator however has been eroded away in recent times with most platforms adopting it.
quizizz creator interface

Best Known for:
  • Student paced Live quiz game


While both Kahoot! and Quizizz are straight quizzes with a fastest-response-win competition between participants, Blooket departs from both of them by being, first and foremost, a game that has quiz answering inside it as part of the gameplay. Additionally, Blooket also allows players to earn coins after the completion of the game, which can be used to buy in app avatars (aka Blooks). This allows the gaming experience to extend pass the end of individual quizzes into something that is cumulative throughout the student's entire educational journey.
Blooket creator interface
Blooket games available to choose from

Best Known for:
  • Making quiz question answering engaging and fun
  • Outstanding homework mode
Things to take note:
  • Some games contains gameplay actions that allow participants to hinder one another (e.g. swapping of scores). This may upset some younger participants and should be managed appropriately.

Here are two games from Blooket:
Tower Defense. Player builds Towers to stop enemies from attacking the base. Resources to build towers are gained by answering quiz questions correctly. Useful for homework and live game.
Gold Quest. Players answers a series of quiz questions, every correct answer allows them to pick from a treasure chest that either lets them earn gold or take it from other players.


Similar to Blooket, Gimkit is game centric where quiz question answering is a part of the gameplay. Unlike Blooket, Gimkit focuses on live synchronous games. In fact, they brand themselves as a live learning game show.
Gimkit creator interface
Gimkit games available to choose from

Best Known for:
  • Live quiz game show learning
Things to take note:
  • Restricts question text to be within 220 characters.
  • Must have exactly 4 choices in MCQ, no more no less.
  • Very basic homework mode that comes with no native games.

Here two games from Gimkit:
The floor is lava. Participants must work together to keep their tower from going under the rising lava. The tower can be built higher through answering quiz questions correctly. This game is unique in that there is no competition between the participants, they are working together to defeat the game.
Trust no one. It's basically Among Us. There are spies among the class and participants need to correctly answer quiz questions to be able to take action to uncover them.


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