This article will show you how to import your QTI zip file into Sakai LMS. It will not, however, show you how to create a QTI file from a Word doc. To generate a QTI file from your word document quiz, we recommend you use GETMARKED Digitaliser. Let's get started with the tutorial!

Step 1: Go to your Sakai course page

sakai lms course page

In Sakai, question banks are tagged to their respective courses/modules, so you cannot import into a 'universal' or 'personal' question bank. Importing of the QTI quiz file has to happen at the course/module level.

Step 2: Go to Tests and Quizzes

sakai test and quizzes page

On the Test and Quizzes page, click on the add tab. It is beside the Assessments tab.

Step 3: Import from File (XML or ZIP)

sakai add test and quizzes page

On the Add tab, click on the Import button to the right of the page.

Step 4: Import Assessments

import qti assessment into sakai

Upload the QTI quiz file using the browse button, then select "Export from Respondus" (GETMARKED's QTI will be compatible with this option). Finally, click the Import button.

Step 5: Check that QTI file has been imported in properly into Sakai

Check that the assessment imported from qti file is correct

After import, you will be brought back to the Test and Quizzes page. Check that the QTI quiz file has been imported properly by clicking on Actions and then Edit.

Step 6: Verify that QTI quiz file has been imported correctly

Import question into sakai

Visually confirm that everything is imported correctly.

Congratulations, you have successfully import your QTI file into Sakai Question Bank!