This tutorial will show you how to import your QTI zip package file into CYPHER LMS (fka NEO/Matrix LMS). It will not, however, show you how to create a QTI file from a Word doc. To generate a QTI file from your Word document quiz, we recommend you use GETMARKED Digitaliser. Let's get started with the tutorial!

Step 1: Go to your CYPHER LMS course page

Biology course page on CYPHER LMS

In CYPHER LMS, question banks are tagged to their respective courses, so you cannot import into a 'universal' or 'personal' question bank. Importing of the QTI quiz file has to happen at the course level.

Step 2: Go to Assignment

Assignments page in CYPHER LMS Biology course

On left side panel, click on Assignments. On the Assignments page, click add on the top right hand corner of the screen to create a new quiz.
Create new assignment on CYPHER LMS

Set the quiz title and other parameters appropriately.
Creating quiz on CYPHER LMS

And you will finally end up on the quiz assignment page.
Quiz assignment page on CYPHER LMS

Step 3: Import QTI

Question bank in quiz assignment page in CYPHER LMS

Click on the Questions tab and you will arrive at the question bank page of the quiz assignment. Then on the middle of the page, click on Import QTI to import your QTI file.
Upload QTI file into CYPHER LMS Question Bank

Step 4: Check that import is successful

QTI file import into CYPHER LMS completed

Check that all the questions are imported correctly from your QTI file as what you see in the image above. Imported questions are immediately reflect in the question bank.

Congratulations, you have successfully import your QTI file into CYPHER LMS (fka NEO/Matrix LMS) Question Bank!