This tutorial will show you two quick ways to convert your PDF file into a Word document (docx). The first way uses Microsoft Word and the second uses Adobe's free online tool.

Using Microsoft Word to convert PDF into Docx

Step 1: Launch Microsoft Word

On a Windows PC, you may press the ⊞ Win key, type "Word" and click on the Word app.
Word app in windows 10 tool bar

It should launch into an empty Word application like the screenshot below.
empty word app

Step 2: Click on Open in the Word App

open tab of word app

Click on the Open tab on the side bar on the right.

Step 3: Click on Browse and Open your PDF file

browse for PDF file in MS word app and open it

Click on Browse. A new explorer window should open. Look for your PDf file and open it into Microsoft Word.
pdf to word prompt in MS word

There will be a prompt that appears. Click Okay and Microsoft Word will convert your PDF into an editable Word document like in the below.
completed conversion from pdf into docx using Word

Using Adobe's Free PDF to Docx online converter tool

Step 1: Go to Adobe's free PDF to Docx online tool

adobe's free online tool to convert pdf into docx

Go to Adobe's free PDF to Docx online tool. Click on Select a file and upload your PDF file.
uploading pdf into adobe converter tool

Wait for few seconds for upload and conversion of your pdf file to complete.
adobe conversion of pdf into docx completed

Download your converted Docx file once conversion from PDF is completed.

And that's it! These are the two free ways you can convert your PDF file into Docx. Hope you found it useful!